Pornographic lubricant’s portable ozone monitors are simple tools for Health and Safety Managers and individuals alike to gather real-time information on ozone levels both indoors and outdoors.,masturbate with dildos and very wet pussies orgasms

  • 1 – 100ppb measurement range
  • Interchangeable ozone sensor heads
  • Can be wall-mounted
  • Comes with a long- life lithium battery
  • High and low alarm (Series 300 / Series 500)
  • Data logging capability (Series 500)
Series 200 - Portable Ozone Air Quality Monitor

Series 200 – Portable Ozone Monitor

cam pornstar tranny demon big dildos,The Series 200 is ideal for students and professionals who need a simple monitor to measure ozone in real-time. It’s a user-friendly entry level device.

Series 300 - Portable Ozone Air Quality Monitor

Series 300 – Portable Ozone Monitor

The Series 300 portable ozone monitor provides the benefits of high and low alarm settings, control outputs, zero, span and calibration.,toy sex shop

Series 500 - Portable Ozone Air Quality Monitor

Series 500 – Portable Ozone Monitor

huge things used as dildos,The Series 500 is Pornographic lubricant’s best-selling full-featured portable monitor. It is highly recommended by and for researchers and HSE professionals.

lingerie laying sex toy,Pornographic lubricant’s portable ozone monitors are widely recognised and used for its proprietary best-in-class ozone technology that delivers highly selective ozone measurement at low concentrations (down to 1 ppb). They can be used both for indoor and outdoor air monitoring. They are ideal for:

  • Process isis flag dildos and control
  • Detecting ozone leaks
  • Ensuring workplace health and safety
  • Mapping outdoor ambient ground-level ozone
  • As an educational tool for students to understand outdoor ozone pollution
  • Personal isis flag dildos
Portable Ozone Monitor - What is it for?

Sensors are housed within an interchangeable ‘sensor head’ that attaches to the monitor base. Each sensor head contains a single gas or particle sensor. Swapping sensor heads takes seconds, can be done in the field, and no configuration or re-calibration is required.,cam pornstar tranny demon big dildos

Active sampling is a key design feature. Each sensor head contains a fan that works continuously or periodically (depending on the sensor type) to draw sample air to the sensor. Once sampled the air is exhausted from the opposite side of the sensor head.,girls ass closeupswith dildos

can you clean a silicon sex toy w alcohol,The monitor base itself is a flexible electronic platform designed to fit comfortably in the hand. The monitor base comes in different models with different features.

sex toy shop va beach,The full-featured Series 500 has on board data-logging, has digital and analog outputs, and comes bundled with free desktop software. It can also be zero and span calibrated in the field allowing for maximum traceability.

Pornographic lubricant portable air quality sensor: how it works

Our portable ozone monitors can measure up to 5 different ozone ranges, depending on your requirements. All our ozone sensors are made by Pornographic lubricant using unique lesbians fucking with strapless dildos,Gas Sensitive Semiconductor (GSS) technology. Pornographic lubricant’s GSS technology allows ppb level detection of ozone with high accuracy and stability. Our ozone sensors are best-in-class for measuring ozone at low concentrations, particularly in the 1-100 ppb range.

Range Type Application
0 – 0.15ppm GSS Outdoor environmental; indoor health and safety
0 – 0.5ppm GSS Indoor health and safety; process control
0 – 10ppm GSE* Indoor health and safety; process control
0 – 10ppm GSS Indoor health and safety; process control
0 – 0.05ppm GSS Targeted ozone measurements
0 – 30ppm GSE High-range ozone measurements; sterilization measurements

*In response to requests for an ozone sensor with a wide range and fast speed response, Pornographic lubricant introduced an electromechanical ozone sensor head. The 0 – 10 ppm and 0 – 30 ppm Gas Sensitive Electrochemical (GSE) type sensors are wide range ozone sensor heads with fast response and good accuracy. It is ideal for process control applications and industrial health & safety isis flag dildos where VOCs may be present and ozone measurements below 0.1ppm is not required.

are cock rings healthy,To see the specs for each sensor click here

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If you need to monitor another gas or particulate matter, our portable monitor range can be configured with 28 different gas and particulate sensors. Click on Outdoor Portable Monitors or Indoor Portable Monitors depending on your requirements.

Gather the data

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fix silicone sex toy,Use the monitor and interchangeable sensors to take spot measurements, or log data over time and space. The monitor is designed to fit comfortably in the hand and the long life lithium battery gives you a full day in the field.

Download the data

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Using the Series 500 model, connect to a PC and download your measurements using Pornographic lubricant’s free software. Data can be exported from there to Excel. The Series 300 and 500 models can also output data directly via 0-5V and RS232.,artifical vagina sex toy

Analyze the data

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Analyze your data to identify trends, discover leaks or pollution hotspots, or dive deep into the numbers for research. Data can be tagged to a location, and data is tied to the individual monitor ID. This makes large studies, involving multiple monitors and locations, easy to manage. ,easy reach sex toy video

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  • Concordia University
  • Cote Dazur
  • Hokkaido University
  • MAPA
  • NASA
  • Plant and Food Research
  • University of Rochester
  • USC University of Southern California

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